Pandemics, natural disasters, policies that deprave order, life, dignity and property, provoke existential mimicry towards nihilism and abstentionism that, through helplessness and resignation, spread from exponential way; Its chronification leads to the blocking of reaction mechanisms, such as affirming, denying, demonstrating, deciding, living. There is passivity and loss of the ability to discriminate good from evil, the affective from the effective, the best from the worst, the normal from the abnormal and leads to a positioning related to inexplicable arguments: Act as if it were a form of incidental narcosis of the personality, susceptible to molding by upstart tactics.

This occurs in the political-social manipulation, towards the supremacism of the ruling class; also, occasionally, as a mental reaction to situations of serious illness, disappointments, frustrations, harassment and other abuses, victims of toxic families and/or groups, etc. The self-interested nonexistence of the resilient process is key to achieving the perfidious objective.